LinearMouse–the remedy to Logitech their dumb choices

When choosing tools, I live and die by the Keep It Simple, Stupid creed. The KISS principle states that the simplest solution is often the best one, and that unneccessary complexity should be avoided.

Large companies are especially prone to equating unneccessary complexity (e.g. 'features') to customer value. "If we only added this feature, we could sell more." Anyone with half a brain knows this to be false.

Yet, here we are.

Logitech decided to introduce a ChatGPT feature in Options+. That's right. The sofware for your mouse now includes artificial intelligence. (Oh, it also adds a random ai_overlay_tmp directory to your Home directory. 🤨)

So, I pull out my trusty Appcleaner and remove the 1.2GB(!!) of bloat from my Macbook. After the slaughter, I started looking for alternatives. Backwards? Maybe. Call me passionate.

When I found Linear Mouse, I stopped looking.

A quick brew install --cask linearmouse and it felt I won a lottery. Truly. It covers all I need, and nothing more.

A screenshot of LinearMouse their User Interface

Best part? It's open source. When your wallet allows, donate to the project. Thank you, Jiahao Lu and the many contributers.

Chef's kiss.

UPDATE: Some readers have recommended Mac Mouse Fix. They've implented smooth scrolling, that's the main difference. It's also Open Source, however after the 30 day trail they do ask for a $2.99 + taxes. Which is totally fair.

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