Today's Lack of Music with an Inherent Value

Although a significant part of my music library is instrumental, I have never given the separation of music and poetry a lot of thought. Until I came across the concept of 'absolute music'.

The idea of absolute music was introduced during the Romantic period (≈1800-1850). It revolves around the belief that music posesses inherent value. That music can be beautiful without the need for an external narrative or concept.

In essence, the concept of absolute music celebrates the idea of 'art for art's sake.' Music doesn't need a practical, moral, or didactic purpose.

Popular music nowadays (however 'pleasant to listen to' it is) seems to be made to fill up silences. To focus. To get people to purchase more. To eat faster. To make a political statements. However, I still believe a lot of music appreciation comes from its value in its beauty and intrinsic qualities. A pure form of artistic expression.

The concept played a crucial role in shaping the way music was composed, appreciated, and critiqued during this period. And, being aware of this perspective now, will be trying to apply it to my daily listening. Looking beyond the lyrics, what the artist stands for, or the story they're trying to tell.

I am a firm believer in music as a storytelling tool. And, I will always appreciate a strong lyric. However, I will now actively try to find beauty beyond the poetry.

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