The last outing and the nail in the coffin for the trve black metal Emperor. Ihsahn uses the opportunity to set the stage for his eclectic solo career. The cult-like subgenre can be quite a stickler for a certain sound, and this album certainly has pushed some (mixpanel) buttons. Well, except for lo-fi harpischores and synths attempting to sound like stringed instruments.

What has been initiated by the likes of Dissection and Bathory had come to full effect. Prometheus: The Discipline Of Fire & Demise features squeels that sound like ten year olds emulating Dickinson, to unbelieveably intricate compositions that can only be described as 'd*mn!'.

Ihsahn's haunting screams are bone-chilling. The drumming is furious, the orchestration ... experimental. Prometheus brought fire in a cold, stale subgenre.