Nuclear Medicine Workflow

In my role as Product Owner/Designer for the Smartlab project, I direct the development to advance radio-pharmaceutical management in nuclear medicine.

This project challenges the norms of digital and hardware integration in a highly specialized field.

The Challenge

The project faces several unique challenges:

  • Tailoring the experience to suit various settings, from large production lines to small clinics. Each with distinct operational needs.
  • Navigating complex health and safety regulations to ensure compliance while maintaining user-centric design.
  • Bridging digital interfaces with existing radiopharmacy hardware, demanding a blend of software and hardware know-how.

My Role and Contribution

As Product Owner/Designer, my role encompasses:

  • Conducting user research to understand needs and uphold usability standards.
  • Collaborating with stakeholders, aligning goals with Agile design and development.
  • Translating insights into user-friendly, regulation-compliant designs, iteratively improved in Agile cycles.

Features of the design

The key design features include:

  • Large tap targets and streamlined interactions for ease of use with gloves and other environmental limitations.
  • Clear typography for viewing from a distance and legibility through lead glass.
  • We've implemented a design system to ensure consistency across our company's products.

A Continuing Success Story

Smartlab aims to significantly reduced human error in nuclear medicine, enhancing operational safety and reliability. User feedback highlights the platform's efficiency and innovation, marking a notable advancement over traditional systems.

a laminar flow cabinet, where the software runs