Smart Hotel Room

In my role with Success Hotel Group, I was tasked with designing a smart hotel platform, utilizing IoT to revolutionize guest check-in and room management.

The Challenge

Objectives included:

  • Streamlining check-ins via a lobby terminal.
  • Providing options for accommodations and services.
  • Developing a mobile app for guest-staff interaction and in-room control.

My Role and Contribution

My key responsibilities were:

  • UI design for terminal, web and mobile applications.
  • Leading the overall product design for functionality and ease of use.
  • Collaborating with hardware company on user experience of locks.

Platform Features

Highlights of the platform:

  • Self-Service Terminal: For efficient check-in and service selections.
  • Mobile App: Doubles as a digital room key and control hub for in-room devices.
  • Staff Interface: A web-based tool for managing guest data and room availability.

Impact and Accolades

The project significantly improved hotel operations and guest satisfaction. It was recognized with three design award nominations, and won two. A testament to its innovative and user-centric design.

Initial designs of the terminal with keycard dispenser.