Construction Corporation

As the lead designer for the [Construction Corporation] project, I focused on enhancing the efficiency of measuring and producing frames, doors, and gates for large construction projects. The project aimed to revolutionize traditional methods used in site measurements and architectural plan management.

The Challenge

Key challenges included:

  • Adapting to the physical demands of construction sites, with tools and processes suitable for workers in gloves and waterproof gear.
  • Developing a system for efficient on-site measurements and real-time architectural plan updates.
  • Improving communication between construction teams and architects, traditionally hampered by disjointed email and phone interactions.

My Role and Contribution

My key responsibilities were:

  • Conducted extensive user research at various construction sites.
  • Designed user interfaces for both the iPad application and the web application, focusing on usability in challenging site conditions.
  • Managed stakeholder communications, ensuring the project aligned with user needs and business objectives.

The Solution

Highlights of the platform:

  • iPad Application: Designed for use with gloves, featuring Bluetooth connectivity for measurement tools and with that reducing neccessary interaction.
  • Architect's Tool: An web-based application for uploading plans, planning routes, and streamlining feedback between architects and construction teams.

A truly enriching experience

The project significantly improved measurement speed per project and streamlined communication between construction teams and architects. User feedback praised the system's efficiency and ease of use, marking a significant advancement over traditional methods.

Matthias and Geffrey at the construction site.